I started this blog to diarize some of my travel experiences within and outside the UK.   My travel posts are mostly personal travels like holidays or a day out.  I am not a professional travel blogger;  more of a casual traveler/city-hopper.   I have a full-time day job that I love and during my free time, I’m either out and about, visiting places and events or learning new things around social media for business.


**  Event-Related Travels  **

The January Furniture Show 2020, NEC, Birmingham UK


                  At the Speciality & Fine Food Show, Sept. 2019, The London Olympia

At the Masterpiece Art Fair, July 2019 - Chelsea, London


At the Decorex, Sept. 2018 - Syon Park, London


At the Masterpiece Art Fair - July 2018 - London


Before I started blogging my travels, I have already visited few countries but I felt it’s a little too late now to write about them after few years have passed.  Many things would have changed in those places.

Before moving here in England, I have also worked and lived for a couple of  years in Seoul. I was an Executive Assistant working for a Korean multinational company who had offices in Manila, Philippines.

It was a great opportunity to have experienced life there.  It is a beautiful country with rich culture and an advanced technology.   At that time, there were only few people who can communicate in English.  I’ve endeavoured to learn their language both in speaking and writing. I’ve learned a lot with the help of the locals.  I am hoping to go back there one day for a leisure visit.  It would be interesting to see the many developments around the country.

In my native country Philippines, I have lived in different cities including Metro Manila.  I speak different local dialects; fluent in only three.  Philippines has 170 languages. Where the world has English as common language, Tagalog is the equivalent in the Philippines. Most people in the capital speak this language.  English is the ‘second language’ in most cities but is the main language in terms of business transactions especially commercial and legal documents.  Most newspapers and other media prints are also written in English. Come and visit Philippines 🙂

“As a woman I have no country.  As a woman I want no country.   As a woman,  my country is the whole world.”    –  Virginia Woolf

Life’s Big Decisions

I moved here in England about 16 years ago.  Back in Manila I was working in a German corporation managed by a British MD and other British executives but I did not plan to end up here.  Life is strange sometimes;  you will be surprised where destiny decides to take you one day.

Since I started a life here, it has been both challenging and the same time rewarding too.  Being in a country where you have less friends and family can be difficult at times but I guess I am a little bit of a survivor, so life goes on!:-)

   “Loving life is easy when you are abroad. Where no one knows you and  you hold life in your hands all alone,  you are more master of yourself than at any other time.” – Hannah Arendt

Whilst counting myself as a resident here (thank you Britain!), I have constantly tried and learn something new to top up my skills.  I studied here too whilst on a full-time job.  After years of hard work, sleepless nights and some tears, I’ve completed my university degree in 2010. That was one of my biggest achievements since I moved here and I can say it helped in my career opportunities.

“Once you stopped learning, you start dying.” – Albert Einstein


I hope you’ll find my posts useful.

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Nota Bene: English is not my first language, so please bear with my writing composition.  I do not intend to be judgmental or disrespectful but my thinking can be limited to what I’m only aware of.  

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