Decorex London 2018 – What’s The Highlight This Year?

Decorex 2018, Syon Park, London on its 41st year. (September 2018)

Once again I was back at Decorex International Interior Design Show in London last month.  It is the leading luxury interior design event in Europe and it is the only high end decor and home furnishings exhibition in the UK.  Every year the event organizer, UBM showcases fresh ideas from regular and new exhibitors.  The exhibits are of the highest quality of creations and the most remarkable designs from exhibitors around the world.  The cover photo, for example, are unique center tables from one of the best makers in the world.  More info below.

Some of the Many Exhibits

This Serpentine mirror is an exhibit of Koket, one of the giants in the design industry according to different design magazines.   The designer behind these serpentine collections is Janet Morais from New York.  Her designs represent power and energy of a serpent or snake.  Serpentine often refers to a crystal stone, which serves as the catalyst to free you from self-imposed limitations.  This theory reflects to what Janet said about herself, that she is comfortable in taking risks, which she has clearly demonstrated in her many unique and exquisite designs including these mirror set.  The quality of finish of her collections are impeccable.

The designer behind the presentation here at the Curiosa stand is Fabio Fornasier from Venice.  He is known for his innate ability to transform glass-making into exquisite works of art.  His works can be seen in places like Harvey Nichols, Royal Albert Hall, in restaurants and private residences.

Dining room glass pendant in a private residence (photo credit: Curiosa)

This Iluka lighting stand weighed about 60kgs according to the designers from London.  The creative couple behind this unique and handmade designs are interior designer Sarah Webb and her graphic artist husband Daniel Harden.  Together they have created high quality products made of wood, acrylic and resin.  The brand name refers to a coastal town of  Iluka  in Australia, where Daniel grew up and looks like his birthplace has a great influence in their designs.

Iluka London  lighting 

The Covet group from Portugal never cease to inspire visitors with their unique designs and very high quality craftsmanship.  This newton_inspired bathroom set is one of its newton series and signature designs.

Bocca do Lobo dining table

This elegant Reve mirror with matching hipnotic scones are also from Koket.  Their designs are bold, elegant, unique, with very high standard of quality and are no doubt resonate luxury in all aspects.  Their products are mostly in gold finish, with a hint of gold or gold accented.  Gold equates grandeur and style.

Chadder & Co.’s luxury baths are not just a luxury baths made for luxurious homes or hotels.  There is more to this product.   Its CEO, Martin Chadder has worked with a charity where wild animals are treated with compassion and are able to live their lives accordingly.  The partnership has resulted to Chadder designing their lion bath filler in 2015.  For every lion filler sold, £40.00 goes to Born Free .

Chadder’s signature lion water filler

Every company has a story.  This company started about 3 decades ago from a small collections of rescued bathtubs with the aim to restore them.  Their collections are stored in a ground they referred to as the ‘graveyard’.  Today Chadder and Co is one of the respected bath tub companies in the UK, known for having exquisite and finest products in this sector.  All of their mosaic baths are handcrafted here in the UK

The ‘graveyard’ of rescued salvaged bathtubs

The finish product exhibited at the show

The London-based designer,  Genevieve Bennett launched her new creations at the show.  The new pieces are called ‘Braid’ and ‘Bloom’.  This portable decorative divider is made of leather, beautifully and meticulously hand-crafted at her London studio.

Genevieve’s meticulously crafted designs

Garden sculptor David Harber is a regular at the show.  David is known for creating contemporary and unique large garden sculpture.  I first saw his beautiful and modern sculptures at the Decorex event held at the Orangery at Kensington Palace ground.   I am a bit of a sculpture follower myself, and every time I visit Decorex  I’m always curious to see his new creations.    His works are always featured in different luxury home magazines.  If you wish to see more of his finished works in actual, he has a semi-permanent exhibition in the private gardens of Eaton Square, SW1 in London.

Here’s more luxury products inspiration I found on the show. These beautiful and elegant cushions are from Beaumont & Fletcher of London.  Their cushions are hand embroidered using high quality materials such as silk, velvet, leather or organza.  Some designs are embellished with pearls and semi-precious stone.

Speaking about new ideas, this sculptured gold tree-inspired lighting is just one of the many new design inspirations from the many exhibits.   This is one of the collections from India Jane of Kensington, London.

Another Britain’s own designer Tamasine showcased her limited edition and bespoke furniture and wood lighting.

I unfortunately missed to take a photo of the exhibitor’s name of this beautiful and elegant set.  The person manning the stand was busy with other visitors, I did not have the opportunity to approach them for the details of this exhibit.

About the Cover photo

 The Eden Series centre tables are from Boca de Lobo of Portugal.  

“The Eden Series isn’t quite like anything seen before. Their organic shape and texture is influenced by trees and flora, with their unique form achieved through several manual processes delivered by an experienced team of craftsmen. Available in groups of 7, 8 or 14 pieces, the Eden Series offers a wide variety of combinations and adaptations to suit all kinds of interiors and settings.” – Boca do Lobo

The Highlights of the Event

The highlights of the event every year were always on the designers that are commissioned to curate the entrance and the centre stands.  I myself have always looked forward to this, to see the innate creativity of the curators.  This year, Decorex has also added more people who deserved to be highlighted; the people behind the designs.  The ‘In the Making’ concept has given the event a soul, instead of just a place of trade or  a big showroom.  The show became more authentic and has a real community feel to it.

One of the participants of the ‘In the Making’ were Pigmentti, who were invited to the ‘invitation only’ spaces for skilled artisans.  Here in the photo is Paolo Bello; a highly skilled artisan from Italy.  He was demonstrating how his art and craft is made from start to finish.  He was creating a bas-relief Marmorino and gold leaf.  Marmorino is a type of plaster based on calcium oxide. This type of plaster was used as far as the Roman times (according to related sources).  It first became popular in Venice during the Renaissance times.

Paolo of  Pigmentti  at work

Another group of artisans invited for ‘In The Making’  concept was Preggo. They are one of Portugal’s pride in interior design world.  At Decorex they have demonstrated their skills in their specialized areas of wood and finishes, metal, upholstery and lighting.  They work in partnership with designers and producers by bringing their partners’ ideas from prototype to production and to finished goods.  With their highly skilled artisans and the use of technology, their works are of high standard of quality.  Their handcrafted furniture  can be seen in many hotels around the world.

Artisan in action at the show

 Preggo furniture at Sofitel Opera, Frankfurt (photo credit: Preggo)

To sum it all, Decorex has maintained its very high standard reputation as a luxury interior design show.  The event was a grand showcase from the top designers and makers from around the world for luxury buyers, both private and commercial.  It is a place to  network with artisans, designers, product developers, architects and distributors.

Visiting the show

The next venue will be at the London Olympia.  The place has a better train and bus access.  It is advisable to pay online before coming to the show otherwise you will be paying £10.00 more at the gate.  For more information, visit the event’s  website.


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