Caravan Camping and Motorhomes for First-timers

Holiday park home model at the NEC


23 February 2018 – I was back at the NEC in Birmingham to explore the Caravan Camping and Motorhome Show.  The event ran from 20-25 February 2018.  This is my first time to explore this side of holiday sector.  In my previous holiday travels within the UK and abroad I stayed in hotels or bed and breakfast.   I originally came from the Philippines; caravan camping is not the way of life there.  I have never experienced a motorhome camping but I have always wished to be in a caravan trailer or a camper van in a picturesque countryside.  I have been to a smaller holiday park in Cornwall in the Southwest of England once, staying in a small but cosy and pretty lodge.  I loved the experience.  I came to this event to understand a little more about caravan camping culture.


The Park Homes Hall

There were different model homes on display.  Here’s a sample design of a spacious lounge of one of them.  Very well laid out.


It has an organized wardrobe.  I love this little corner.


A nice and cosy double-bed bedroom


A lovely kitchen/dining area (in another model home)


The Camper Vans Hall

The vans come in different shapes and sizes.  For the first time I’ve experienced being inside few of these here.  It felt cosy if you don’t mind the quite confined space.  The model below, which is towed by a car on the road is referred to as trailers.


This one with driving seats is referred to as the camper van.


A spacious and luxurious looking lounge in one of the displays.  Two children can probably sleep here at night.


A rather neat and cosy bedroom with toilet


I wondered how life’s necessities are handled when you are on the go in a motorhome.  And so I learned this is how it works.  A toilet is neatly positioned in a small corner.


Whilst exploring from one model to another together with other visitors, I listened to the exhibitors from different brands as they highlighted the different specifications.  It seemed to come down to durability, affordability, convenience and flexibility of use.  The prices on the tags are about £78,000 more or less depending on the specs and sizes.


There were smaller camper vans as well.  The seats at the back can be converted into a bed.  This is ideal for a single person or a couple.  The prices range from £36,000.00 to £50,000.00 more or less.  I can’t afford to own one of these but I’d love to rent this smaller type van.  Renting I am sure is another avenue to explore, i.e insurances and other T&Cs.


A space at the back for our beloved companions


A kitchenette


Bike and luggage holder on the roof.  This van is a pleasure to own if you can afford it.


The Camping Tent Hall

There were many sizes, shapes and colors from different suppliers to choose from.  It all depends on  individual needs.



This event showcased different designs of holiday homes and motor-homes to cater to different needs; some are basic and some are more luxurious with plenty of space.   The camper vans designs were relatively similar but the quality of interior materials varies.  The designs of the lodges looked stylish, contemporary and homely regardless of the size.  It really is a home away from home.  A quite expensive leisure but again, if you can afford, it is worth it.

Out of curiosity I spoke to one lady who works for the park home builders and asked more about how all these works for them as a business.  She advised that they are a B-2-B business and they build holiday houses for their distributors’ customers.  She said some customers invest to rent their units out, some are for family use only.  Some owners rent it out when they are not using the property and some park owners manages this for the owners.   Sounds like a good investment.

For those who have not yet experienced the caravan camping, like myself, and is interested, this show is the best place to start.  I am sure there are a lot more to understand before investing in one.  That is a deeper level to explore.


The Show

The show was packed even on its last day.  It shows how much the British and Europeans value their holidays.  There were other related businesses in the show as well, like the camping accessories suppliers, sea sports suppliers and camping parks owners and developers, etc.


The majority of the visitors are families especially, particularly those with young children.  The caravan homes and motorhomes are a lot of investment but I guess people invest a lot on family leisure.



The Venue

The NEC in Birmingham, United Kingdom holds some of the larger fairs and exhibitions.  The caravan camping event occupied 5 of its 20 halls.  Most of the larger events here are served by free buses from the massive car parks around the premises.


I tend to park at the East car parks.  I find it convenient to get in and out to/from the motorway. Below is one of the the bus stops of East car parks.


During or after the event, if you feel like chilling out, there is the Resort World just across from the main entrance of the NEC.  To know more, check out what’s here.


Well, it was an interesting visit.  I learned a little bit more about the leisure part of the travel industry.

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