Bath – Historic City in England

City of Bath (view from Alexandra Park at Shakespeare Road)

This historic place always comes up as one of the best places to visit in England.  I have been in Bath so many times before but every time I come back and explore, I always feel like there’s more to see.   Last weekend I’ve finally had the chance to go up the hill to Alexandra Park to see the whole valley of Bath.



The Royal Crescent, Bath City Centre

The Royal Crescent is a five-star hotel and spa.  One of the landmarks and most visited places in Bath.  During the summer both locals and visitors alike love to hangout in its ground; some do picnic as well.  I have been inside once; they serve very good afternoon tea and you can also sit at its pretty back garden during the summer.  This place is close to Royal Victoria Park, a big park where visitors can park on the road but for limited time only.



The Circus, Bath City Centre

The Circus is a luxury apartments close to the Royal Crescent.  The price guide of an apartment here, according to Savills is about £4.2million.  From here, most parts of the city center are pretty much on a walking distance, even the train and bus station.



The Jane Austen Centre, Gay Street, Bath City Centre

Jane Austen, born 16 December 1771 was one of England’s famous novelist, known for her famous novels, Sense and Sensibility (1811) and Pride and Prejudice (1813); both became well-known period-drama films.

From 8th to 17th September (next month), Bath will hold its 2017 Jane Austen Festival which include a costume parade around the city.    It is free to watch.  Also this year, Jane Austen will be the new face of the UK’s £10.00 paper money (or bank note) in celebration of her 200th year death anniversary. Here’s the previous year’s Jane Austen Parade.



The Bath Abbey and Pump Room

The Abbey is Bath’s main cathedral and is the most visited in Bath.  The Pump Room is one of the city’s elegant restaurants and venue for hire.  We had our work Christmas party here twice before and this year will be the 3rd time!  Next to the Pump Room is the entrance to the Roman Baths.  I have been inside; it is worth going in. There’s also cafe’s and restaurants in this square and sometime there are baskers that entertain the public, which make the place even more vibrant.



An acrobatic display amidst the busy shopping street close to the Abbey



George Street, City Centre

This street is lined with  good bars, restaurants and shops.  This is the first left-turn at the bottom of Gay Street if you are coming from the Royal Crescent and Circus.




Parade Gardens, Bath City Centre

This majestic garden is overlooking the River Avon at the back of the Abbey.  Also a famous hang-out for both locals and tourists.



River Avon by Pulteney Bridge.

You can explore Bath by boat.  This boat leaves from the Pulteney Bridge.  The trip takes you through the countryside of the Avon Valley to Bathampton .



The Victoria Art Gallery

According to Victoria Gallery website, this museum was named to celebrate Queen Victoria’s sixty years on the throne.   Display collections include over 1,500 decorative arts treasures, including those of British oil paintings from 17th century to the present day.



Bath Old Books bookstore

At the backstreets of Bath there are nice smaller shops, antiques shops, cafe’s and bookstores.  This bookstore is my favourite.  They have many collections of old books of different kinds.


So what what else in Bath?  Apart from being a historic city, Bath also has a very good university.  University of Bath  is one of the top 5 universities in the UK.  The city is building more and more apartment blocks for students accommodation.

Bath is also know for its Christmas Market.  If you have not been, it is held around the Abbey.  It is very busy during the holidays which can make parking in the city a challenge, but it is fun and worth it.

Parking in Bath  – there are numbers of carparks in the city but I find Avon Street carpark and Southgate carpark convenient as they are closer to the high street.  The Southgate carpark does not dispense a ticket when you go in.  You just park and pay before you pick-up your car.  The pay machine does not also give a ticket.  You just go after you paid.  Some visitors use the Newbridge Park & Ride which is about 3.5 miles from the Abbey.


Rare find in Bath:  A rather unusual table with what looks like human bones as base and legs!  The owner was probably joking when he said its real human bones.





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    I loved Bath and also loved Wells as well. It was such a great place to take a walk around the history is fantastic

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    06/09/2017 / 10:59 pm

    Wow.. This place is amazing

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