Salcombe, England – A Beautiful Place by the English Riviera

Salcombe, Southwest of England.  This hidden gem is one of Devon’s prettiest waterfront towns, situated on the Kingsbridge Estuary that runs from Kingsbridge towards the English channel.

Last Saturday, it was nice and sunny and it would have been a shame if I’ve stayed at home all day so I decided to visit a nice seaside areas and before I knew it I was heading towards Salcombe Town in South Ham, Devon.  I’ve been to few places in Devon and its neighbor, Cornwall few years ago for a day out and weekend away.  I have always liked these two seaside counties.

Devon or Devonshire is sometimes referred to as the ‘English Riviera’, with its coast stretching more or less 22 miles of seaside resorts, rocky coves, and pretty seaside towns and villages.  The place is one of the famous summer destinations of English families and international visitors.

So here I was in heavy traffic on Saturday morning at M5 motorway,  about 50 miles to Salcombe.   The motorway to Devon is pretty good but in the summer weekends or summer school holidays it is practical to travel early to avoid this slow moving traffic.


Once you’re off the motorway the country roads are not busy, well I think it depends where your final destination is but the country lanes to Salcombe was fine.  It was a nice country drive with lots of green fields along the way but you can see the road is pretty good.


And here it is, welcome to Salcombe!

Hilly road towards the high street and waterfront


I was thrilled when I got my first glimpse of the estuary, it was so pretty and alive, with busy boats heading towards opposite directions; it immediately lifted up my spirit.  When you live in the cities day-in and day-out you will appreciate a place like this, it is a real treat!

View from the road.  The little sandy beach across is Mill Bay


View from the road near the Holy Trinity Church Salcombe 


The Holy Trinity Church


Salcombe is also famous for its pastel colour houses.  Prices of holiday homes here is quite expensive.  A 3-bedroom home overlooking the water could be at least £1million and up according to one or two estate agents’ sites.



I can’t help myself photographing this beautiful new modern house by the hill overlooking the bay.  Proud owners are blessed with fantastic view of the busy waterfront.  I’m guessing this home could easily be about £2million or even higher.  It stands proud in a perfect location in this pretty town.


And here is the high street at the bottom of the hill.  Parking can be quite a challenge here but there is a pay parking nearby at North Sands Car Park.  I did not have to park there myself.  I was lucky to have found a space by the high street in-front of this sweet shop; it was just perfect timing.


How sweet…! 🙂  I tried to avoid photographing young children so i waited until no children were in view


There is a nice looking pub at the end of this road.  I have not been inside though but it looks nice from the outside.  There is another one with open air benches when you turn right towards the water.

High Street, Salcombe


Just so you know…


And please mind the warning!..


A quite busy day here today


Some kids are happy relaxing, some are enjoying catching some crabs.  They caught some already.


The place is of course equipped with Health & Safety measures as expected, for the locals and visitors’ peace of mind.


On the other side of the high street is a road towards Cliff Road, up the hill where you can enjoy the best view of the estuary.

A street leading towards Cliff Road. 


This door here that can be found few steps down from the high street road leads to an open air pub overlooking the water.


In the same area by this pub is a useful information for something to do whilst you are in Salcombe.


Back on the main road on the left here is a nice restaurant with panoramic view of the estuary from its terrace, where you can have your food and drinks whilst watching the boats pass by.


Busy pedestrian and cars on the hill.  I have to capture this nice blue vintage car with proud gentleman on the wheels 🙂

Cliff Road


The War Memorial of Salcombe on Cliff Road overlooking the estuary.


This area here by the War Memorial is a perfect spot for people watching the pretty boats parading by below.  I spent few minutes boat watching and took some photos of the colorful ones.

Princess of the Kingsbridge Estuary


Friendly competition


A souvenir photo


And before I knew it, it was time to head back home. Well, it was a fantastic day out and it’s all worth the drive there!

Here is a useful link if you wish to explore more about Salcombe.  If you fancy a sandy area in Salcombe, the North Sands Beach is nearby and perfect for families. Its about 15 minutes walk from Cliff Road.  Ciao for now.x


                        Quote for the day: 

“Family is the most important thing in the world.”

– Princess Diana





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