Castle Combe Village in England – The Tiniest & Prettiest

Castle Combe is a pretty and tiny village tucked away in the English countryside, in Wiltshire.  This place have been a location set of at least three epic films including Steven Spielberg’s War Horse, Stardust and The Wolfman.  I’ve been here few times before for a relaxing walk around and every time I come back here I still appreciate and enjoy its simplicity and beauty.  It’s just a nice place to unwind.


One of the two entry roads to the village.  Road parking is few meters back before this first cottage.


The centre of the village.  Life goes on for villagers despite of flock of tourists here.


During summer this little place is heaving with visitors from all walks of life including international visitors.  The place offers a nice  feeling of change, a sense of peacefulness; a moment away from the chaos of big towns and cities. It brings back your thoughts to 15th century English life as you walk along.

Cotswolds style lined cottages


The tiny bridge 


There are few coffee shops here. In this one,it feels like you are having tea in your own cottage lounge.  And if you wish to know a little bit more about the village, the lady who owns the tearoom will tell you stories about different events and happenings here.  She has nice photos hanged on her cafe walls of the villagers’ participation in some of the films set in here.   She normally serves the tea and coffee herself so it won’t be awkward to just ask and she speaks of  the village with her love and passion of the place.


The tearoom entrance door


You can tell, I love it here 🙂


Relaxing family day out for this family


At the back of the village stands proud a beautiful 17th century English Manor House Hotel with large beautiful ground.  This place is perfect venue for summer weddings or a relaxing place to spend a weekend away from home.

The automated gate of the hotel


Stunning view from the gate 


View from the Manor garden on the hill


Right beside the hotel is St. Andrew’s Church, a 13th century church.  With the church and the Hotel,  it makes Castle Combe an ideal place for country weddings.  St Andrew’s Church is currently doing some renovations;  the villagers and volunteers here would appreciate your donations towards this project.

St. Andrew’s church.



If you wish to have a nice lunch or a pint after walking around the village, there is a nice pub and restaurant here, the Castle Inn.  It is always busy around lunchtime towards the afternoon on weekends, but the waiting to be served is not too bad.

The Castle Inn on a nice and quiet Sunday morning before the crowd starts pouring in.


At the back of the Manor Hotel is the Exclusive Manor Golf and Country Club. In case you are a golf enthusiast and is considering spending few days in the Southwest, there is this nearby to take a look.   No, I have not been inside this golf course.  I am not sure whether you can play as a guest or you need to join their membership.

Photo credit:  Golf Boo


Enjoy your visit at Castle Combe !!








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