Fort William in Scotland – Interesting Journey Up the Highlands

Beautiful Glencoe mountains.  This coverphoto was taken on our way back when it was a little brighter than when we went up.


I found myself in this road couple of years ago, in February 2015.  The weather was downcast and there was a little bit of shower.  I had no expectations about Fort William.  It was a work travel actually and I am sharing it here because I feel the journey was one of the most overwhelming travel experiences I’ve ever had.


From Glasgow to Fort William, I had a very close encounter with nature, the never-ending line up of humongous Glencoe mountains left and right. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon, only one or two cars were going up the same time as us. There was a point when it was just us in between these enormous creations, so huge I felt like they could swallow us in whole.  It was quite intimidating and overwhelming.  I felt like bursting into tears as we drove along.   The downcast weather did not help, it made the mountains look mysterious and quietly frightening.

Photos taken from the car (no edits).  


I had mixed feelings whilst passing by these tall and mighty mountains, a feeling of awe to such huge natural creations and the same time overwhelmed by their sight. I am pretty sure in the summer this road will be a pleasure to pass by.


The only other car on the road in-front of us.


This is how close our car was to the foot of the mountains left and right.


Looks like its the end of the earth ahead!


A huge sky scraper stands proud and might before me!


I felt relieved when I started seeing a flat valley.  On a brighter day, Fort William probably look stunning especially with the lake around it.

A shot from the balcony of our accommodation.


View from our accommodation.


Regardless of the February weather, there were many tourists in the area. This year there are some activities going on around the area.  For example, today and tomorrow there is the Skimo Racing happening there.  In October there will be the Glencoe Marathon


Because my trip there was a work travel, I did not have the chance to get near Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles in Scotland.  I would like to go back there for a couple of days one day and see more of the area.


Going down back to Glasgow.  We stopped for a minute or two just to stretch our legs.


And I had my souvenir photo taken 


On the plane back to England.  See you again soon Scotland…



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