Clifton, A Pretty Suburb in Bristol, England


Beautiful autumn in the city of Bristol, England.  This is at Clifton, the leafy part of Bristol.


Nov. 2016 –  I had a stroll at the Clifton Suspension Bridge area this morning.  It was a misty Sunday but it felt nice and fresh to be out and about.

Clifton is an affluent suburb in the city of Bristol in England.   The rent for a one-bedroom flat here ranges from £800/month and up excluding bills!   The place has a lot to offer; tourists attractions, good schools, shops, cafes and restaurants and big nice houses.  It also has a park called Clifton Downs, a big park where you can do a long walk and run without leaving the city.  Some schools use the park for their weekend sports like football.






Clifton Suspension Bridge (entry from Clifton to Abbots Leigh)


The bridge is a toll-fee bridge. Prepare some loose change before crossing.



This is the iconic bridge, the Clifton Suspension Bridge.  It spans across the Avon Gorge, linking Clifton and Leigh Woods, a 2-square kilometers area of woodlands, an organised and well-maintained ‘forest’ popular for forest walks, dog walks, activities and cycling.  The bridge was built in 1864 based on the design of Brunel, a famous English mechanical and civil engineer considered to be one of the engineering giants in the 19th century.


The view of the bridge from the top of the hill by the Clifton Observatory



A hill to the Clifton Observatory



A view of the Avon Gorge from the top of the hill


Here’s more information about the Avon Gorge, then and now, as depicted in the work of a Bristolian artist, Samuel Jackson in 1825.


Avon Gorge, past and present (apologies for my shadow; it was quite early in the morning, the sun was still low)


The cliff is high! hence this warning board.



At the top of the hill there is this Clifton Conservatory.  Inside is a steep steps to a tunnel that leads to a balcony overlooking the gorge.




More info about the conservatory and entrance fees.



Myself inside the cave/tunnel one summer a couple of years ago.


And here’s the tiny yellow balcony by the rock, overlooking the River Avon.  I remember it was a little scary standing there but I’m sure it has gone through UK’s quite rigid Health & Safety measures.   It does not look deep down in this photo but if you look at the photo of the Avon Gorge in one of the photos in this post, that’s how deep the cliff is!   If you are afraid of heights, this balcony maybe not for you.



The Christ Church, Clifton 


During the summer, this place around the Suspension Bridge gets very busy especially on weekends.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find somewhere to park.  The earlier in the day you arrive, the better your chance to park near the bridge.

After exploring the Suspension Bridge area,  you can unwind at Clifton Village nearby for coffee, shopping or lunch.

Clifton Village on a quiet Sunday morning


Clifton shopping arcade and cafes, Clifton Village (If you are in this photo and if you wanted this removed,please let me know)


On the right is a nice cafe that serves lunch.


This Deli here by the arcade also serve nice lunch and most of their food and retails items are sourced from local produce.


The University of Bristol is close by.  More of  the beautiful Bristol in my future posts.  By the way, if you search Bristol City it will give you Bristol’s football club:-).  To see more of what the city can offer, here’s the links –

Bristol Aquarium

M Shed Museum

SS Great Britain, an iconic ship docked at Bristol Harbourside

The Bristol Zoo

The Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

The Bristol Hippodrome

BBC named Bristol as one of the best places to live to live in Britain 2017 !


Ciao for now xx


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