Brugge – The Venice of Belgium


Brugge, the ‘venice’ of Belgium


My visit to Brugge one summer was my very first land trip to Europe.  It was actually a car and ferry boat trip from Dover in Kent.  For some travelers, this maybe an ordinary commute from England to France or vice versa but for me it was a great adventure!


Waiting on a queue into the ferry



Cars entering the ferry boat



The view of the chalk-like cliffs of Dover from the departing ferry heading to France



And we arrived at Dunkerque Port in France


From this port, it was about an hour drive to Brugge in Belgium via E40 motorway.  I must say it was a pleasant trip.



Brugge –  this  pretty little city is dominated by a canal.  There are canal tour services that tourists can avail if they want to.


The famous Brugge canal.



Souvenir photo by the canal during my early morning walk.  


So quiet in the morning, the canal was so calming.



Homes by the canal



At downtown Brugge.  Beautiful city!


After the site seeing or shopping, the market square is where most tourists go for food and drinks.  Food and drinks here in Brugge are more expensive than most European places.  Activities here continues until late at night.



The Palace and Post Office building at the market square


The city has some quirky characteristics that makes it interesting place to visit.







Strange looking little figurines on a roof top


There are more chocolate shops than coffee shops here.


I have had to taste their chocolates.  


With its quirkiness, this place has its modern side as well.  There are many big single-detached houses lined along a leafy road.  Majority of these single detached homes have extended roofs going down like in these photos.





A modern 6-bedroom house with a tag price of Euro 645k.  (Photo by Immoweb)


I did enjoy our short stay in this fantastic city.  Here’s more about life in Brugge.  And here are some interesting statistics about the cost of living here compared to London.


Please don’t forget your passports when you travel by ferry.  A couple passengers that were travelling the same time with us were stopped by custom officers and were not able to board the ferry.






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