London Int’l Art Fair 2016 – Exploring the Art Culture

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Art and monochrome photography have always been a curiosity to me.  I have visited few art museums here in England and abroad and in 2012 I finally had the time to visit art fairs and exhibitions.  The first art exhibition I’ve visited was the Affordable Art Fair held in Bristol, England.  I did not know what to expect then.  I did not even bother to bring a camera with me.   I just went and had a good look around.  After that I felt I wanted to explore this world a little bit more, so I went to other art and antique fairs and exhibitions around the country.


Last year I went to the International Art and Antique Fair – Olympia, London (2015).  I photographed some of the exhibits that interest me.

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Wang Xiaosong, “Fear of fashion”, 2009, 160 x 220 cm, Oil on canvas



International-art-fair-London (1 of 1)

From Album 21, 1978.  Joan Miro 1893-1983 

The first Miro original painting that I laid my eyes on and got me curious about was in a wall of a home that I’ve visited in Boston.  That was the first time I learned about him and his art.  I like the bright colors and the child-like theme of his work.



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International-art-fair-London #2 (1 of 1)“Venetian Canal Scene” – Antonietta Brandeis, Austrian 1849-1920



International-art-fair-London #12 (1 of 1)


International-art-fair-London #16 (1 of 1)

A closer look of exhibit D4 above


International-art-fair-London #7 (1 of 1)


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And this is my favorite.  These sculpture collections are gracefully mysterious, mystical, and captivating,

International-art-fair-London #10 (1 of 1)

“Bowling with Boccherini” – Philip Jackson, United Kingdom


International-art-fair-London #14 (1 of 1)


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Inside the venue.    


The experience here for me felt like one of the firsts series of self-educating myself with something new.  I asked question about the pieces that I am most curious.  Surprisingly the exhibitors were quite relax and happy answering my naive questions.  Before I take these photos I politely asked permission first just to make sure I don’t violate any fair regulations.  And that was it, I learned a little bit more about art and I will keep on educating myself in this side of life.   Who knows, it might awaken a skill that I don’t realize I have 🙂 Chiao for now.x


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