Oxford – Easter Day Visit


In April 2011, during the Easter Holiday weekend I’ve decided to visit Oxford (Oxfordshire, Southeast England), where one of the Ivy League universities is located.  That was mainly my reason to visit, to see one of England’s prestigious landmarks.

It is only 1 hour and 20 minutes drive from where I live so it was a short drive. As expected, the first thing we noticed when we arrived at the high street was how diverse the people were; mostly young people speaking different languages.  You can tell it is a university place; it is very cosmopolitan.    But surprisingly, on an Easter break, when most students have probably gone home for a short break, the high street was still packed with shoppers.

We looked around inside the university campus and took some photos as souvenir (all photos are mine unless specified).



The vicinity of the university




Around the campus




The Bodleian Library.  According to Wikipedia, this is the main research library of Oxford and one of the oldest libraries in Europe.




The Hertford_Bridge_Oxford_University_#2_photo_of_unlistedtravel.co.uk

The Hertford Bridge.  Popularly known as the ‘Bridge of Sigh’ because it is similar to the Bridge of Sigh of Venice.  Actually it is more similar to the Rialto Bridge in Venice also. (below)


The Rialto Bridge in Venice (photo is not mine)



Oxford_University_#13_photo_by_unlistedtravel.co.uk (1 of 1)

I had my photo taken under the Bridge of Sigh.  I was looking at the orange ceiling, wondering whether it was a paint or a terracotta.



Oxford_University_#8_photo_by_unlistedtravel.co.uk (1 of 1)

A quiet campus on Easter Holiday.




The campus cafe.  We stopped by here to get some drinks and continued looking around.



Oxford_University_#7_photo_by_unlistedtravel.co.uk (1 of 1)

We passed by one of this building doors.  I can’t help taking a photo of this sweet looking door accent.




And this gold accent of one of the gates inside the campus.



Oxford_University #3_photo_by_unlistedtravel.co.uk

This area here was off limit to the public on that day.  Inside is a huge sprawling building.  As I stood there looking inside I can’t help thinking how fortunate I was to have the opportunity to visit this famous university in England; claimed by Wikipedia to be the oldest university in the English speaking world.


Oxford_University_shared_by_Jamikko_UK_04 (1 of 1)When we got tired of walking around the campus we went to the university park.  It was a big park but we  were too tired to explore the park too.  We were just happy to sit on the grass for few minutes and had our sandwiches there too.  There were few groups of students in this part of the park.  Most people were at the main park at the other side of the road.


Oxford_University_#11_photo_by_unlistedtravel.co.uk (1 of 1)

This is also part of the park.  I saw few students heading towards that building afar with their grocery bags. I was guessing the building could be a student hall.




We also explored the Ashmolean Museum at Beaumont Street.  Wikipedia says this is the world’s first university museum.  On my way out I bought myself a souvenir, an Ashmolean hardbound art collection book to add to my museums book collections.   Photo credit:  www.artfund.com



The_Turf_Tavern_Oxford_England_shared_by_unlistedtravel.co.uk_the Alamy_photo

We finished our Oxford visit dropping by for one quick drink at one of the top 5 historic pubs in Oxford – The Turf Tavern.  They call this the university pub.  It was not easy to find, it is well-hidden in a back street accessible via a narrow alley.  I was not comfortable taking photos at that time because the place was packed, mostly students. (Photo of Alamy).


So that was it; a well-spent sunny day in the City of Oxford.  We have not seen half of the university campus but what I saw was good enough for me.


A little bit more about Oxford….it is one of the least affordable cities in England.  Prices of houses here is 10.68% times the average salary.



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